Satyavadini 200RYT - began exploring the mysteries of sound, voice, and song as a young child. In her formative years, she gained an understanding of the deep meditative power of sound and its immediate connection to the divine. Finding song and sound to be the freest form of expression as well as a great unifier, she was able to better understand and relate to herself, those around her, and source.


Satyavadini is dedicated to developing and sharing her knowledge of the utilization of sound and vibration as a tool for becoming mindful architects of our lives. Through the practice of bhakti yoga, Satyavadini shares the power that words, prayer, song, and speech hold in conjunction with tender devotion for the creation and manifestation of our highest potential as well as connection and unity with the divine.


She has performed as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, as well as around the world. She currently shares sacred songs, kirtan, sound meditations and explorations throughout New York City, Bali, and India. She received her 200 hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga TTC from Surya Chandra in November 2018 in Kerala, South India.

  • Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Individual Instruction

  • Yoga Alliance Accredited


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