Information for Covid 19 and yoga training.

Welcome to Surya Chandra Yoga International. We are so happy you've chosen to deepen your understanding of yourself through the practices and teachings of Yoga! Welcome aboard the journey of a lifetime.


We completely understand concerns around online and video training. It took us some time to come to terms with this new paradigm of teaching as well. However, based upon the current global pandemic we do feel it is for everyone's best interest to remain diligent and strong. Therefore, we are happy to offer this course virtually. 

Yoga is constantly teaching us that we must be able to adapt, adjust and accommodate, and...

here we are. We are not certain of the future these days; this is true. Yet, we are certain that we are still here for life, for learning, for sharing, caring, loving and acknowledging that

we will survive and we will thrive. 

We are here to support you on your journey and will do our level best to meet you where you are. This is a time to strive for excellence. A time to change the negative thoughts, to manifest what we want, and these sacred ancient teachings facilitate exactly that. 

Yoga has provided us with a deep understanding that there is much more to all of this thing we call life, far more than what we simply see with our physical eyes. So we believe this course is of paramount importance right now especially.

And yes, the Yoga Alliance has issued new temporary standards because of Covid 19. We sincerely appreciate all of their hard work and perseverance to facilitate this understanding.

We do plan to conduct in person contact hours when and where it is safe to make sure you all have a thorough understanding of the asanas, adjustments and alignments. When this will happen is currently unknown. However, it is our offer.

The time is NOW. Let's act accordingly and allow the light to shine. 

Are you ready to find your inner sunshine?


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  • Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Individual Instruction

  • Yoga Alliance Accredited


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