• Jala Netī - salt water purification of sinus.  Clears air passageways in the head. Beneficial effects: increased clairvoyance, improving physicality of body, mind and personality.

  • Sutra Netī - rubber or thread cleansing of the sinuses 

  • Dhautī - internal (antar), teeth (danta), cardiac/chest (hrid),                                  rectal (moola shodhana)

  • Naulī - abdominal, digestive organs, small intestine, massage of internal belly organs by a circular movement of abdominal muscles

  • Basti - cleansing of the lower abdomen 

  • Kapālabhātī - the “shining skull” technique of purification of the cranial sinuses through breath work

  • Trāṭaka - a method of meditation that involves staring at a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame. It is said to bring energy to the "third eye" (ājňā chakra) and promote various psychic abilities

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