We will explore the ancient study of hatha yoga, an all encompassing scientific technology of body, mind, and soul purification and connection.  Diving into the science, practice, and philosophy of the physical and energy bodies. 

Hatha yoga is a practice of:

* purification-- shatkarma kriya

*posture-- asana

*breath work-- pranayama

*spiritual vortex centers of the body-- chakras

*coiled serpent energy in the spinal column-- kundalini

*energy locks-- bandhas

*physical & energetic cleansing-- kriya

*power of the physical and energy bodies-- shakti

*subtle and physical body connection-- nadis/meridians

*symbolic hand gestures-- mudras


We will be discussing, practicing, integrating these ancient yogic ways with a focus on how to utilize this knowledge today, here and now.

  • Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Individual Instruction

  • Yoga Alliance Accredited


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Nitya Vink



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