These are centers of energy found in the astral body which coincide with the spinal column in the physical body.  The energy vortexes are spherical and emanate out through the physical form into the astral bodies. Learn about the 13 chakras, where they are and how to navigate the energies contained within and without each and together.

Main Psychic Centers:

*Sahasraha - crown of the head

*Ajna - third eye

*Visshudhi - throat

*Anahata - heart center

*Swadisthana - sacral

*Mooladhara - cervix for women 

perineum for men


*Shushumana - psychic canal in the spinal column

*Ida - on the left side of the body, moon, female

*Pingala - on the right side of the body, sun, male 

Explore through discourse, personal practice, group practice, study and personal exploration these psychic centers.  In order to raise the Kundalini Shakti energy we must have a very clear and deep understanding of this energetic system located in the Pranamaya Kosha.

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